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    Buy direct from motivated sellers and sell their properties for a profit to our network of buyers for profit.

    We Flip Houses

    Buy Fix and Flip houses to First Time Homebuyers for a profit using our tools and resources

    Be the Bank

    Invest capital into residential and commercial deals that yield returns above 9%.

    Turnkey Rentals

    Buy renovated and rented rental properties and collect long term cash flow

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    We do not charge fees for coaching and mentoring. We coach you when you decide to do deals with us.

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    We make it easy for you by doing the deals for you and letting you use all of our resources.

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    The Freedom Blueprint is based on a tested model that works and has worked in 9 cities across hundreds of houses.

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    Tired of making your Boss rich?


    Do you make a big corporate income and yet never seem to have the time to enjoy it?


    What if you couldn’t work for the next month – how would your lifestyle suffer?

    Financial Freedom

    Financial freedom is really possible and there really is a step by step process to engineering your own J.O.B. jailbreak – and we’re going to share it with you now.

    4 Roads To A Secure, Comfortable And Extraordinary Life