It works like this: we find a property where the owner wants to sell quickly. People who inherits unwanted properties, absenty owners who are tired of being landlords and so on. You put your money in, to cover the marketing costs. We’ve already created a powerful marketing process that generates these leads. We find a buyer who can purchase fast and negotiate the deal. You never even have to own the property and you increase that $5,000 to $7,000 or maybe even $10,000.

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House Flipping

Once you’ve got a good chunk of change – say $50,000, you can move into the highly profitable house flipping game. Here, we find the properties, line up the financing and use your funds as the down payment. Then we fix up the house, find a buyer and negotiate the sale! Imagine turning that $50K into $75K – or even doubling it!

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Rental Income

You take your big flipping profits and purchase rental properties that pay you residual income every month and give you huge tax breaks. Did you know that we’ve done this for people for years, and when you work with us, follow the freedom blueprint and repeat the process, you can actually match and even replace that corporate income?

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Be The Bank

Imagine being able to lend your cash out at 15% interest over and over again. There’s big money in being the bank – and we can help you create a solid and steady stream of income from secured interest payments on real estate!

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How Can We Help You?

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Freedom Blueprint help me put together a plan to match my corporate income with residual income. I am now investing in real estate and executing the plan.

Amanda Seyfried
Sales & Marketing, Alien Ltd.