Home Wholesaling – How To Create A Pile Of Investable Cash

Have you always wanted to make big profits from real estate, yet you feel like your $5,000 just isn’t enough to make it work? Would you like to know about a program where you can turn that $5K into 5 figures?

Let’s talk about the best entry into real estate you could ever imagine – wholesaling!

In just 7 easy steps, you can grow that initial money into large capital that you can invest in a home to flip with us, or let us find you a cash-generating income property. You really can become a real estate investor for as little as $5,000 – here’s how:

7 steps to bigger cash

  • Let’s say that someone – we’ll call her Sarah – inherits a home and just wants to sell it for quick cash.
  • We’ve got plenty of sellers like Sarah. That’s right – we provide you with the marketing engine that finds a seller!
  • We provide a 24/7 answering service and a personal assistant for you – could it be easier?
  • So here’s what you do – you make a quick sale cash offer to Sarah of say, $50K. The house could get $100K – but Sarah has no time to lose and she wants cash fast.
  • Just like finding sellers, we market the house to our buyer’s portfolio.
  • A buyer sees the house and its real potential and offers to buy it for $57K in cash.
  • You give Sarah her $50K and you keep $7,000!

You get your $5,000 back and another $2,000 in profit – a 20% return, by the way! So what next? You repeat the process until you have the capital to move into a bigger game.

Maybe a $2,000 profit in this example doesn’t sound all that exciting. Maybe making 20% on your cash in just a few weeks doesn’t seem all that great – but it should! Imagine doing this for a year? How much cash would you have then?

Ready to move into the real money? Then check out the 3 other roads to real estate financial freedom:

  • House Flipping
  • Be the bank
  • Residual rental income
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Freedom Blueprint help me put together a plan to match my corporate income with residual income. I am now investing in real estate and executing the plan.

Amanda Seyfried
Sales & Marketing, Alien Ltd.